Vote Parliament for 5x5!

Click the image to vote for Parliament for 5x5, now through October 18th, 2016!

Click the image to vote for Parliament for 5x5, now through October 18th, 2016!

Earlier this week, Parliament announced some very exciting news: we will be moving into the soon-to-be vacant space formerly occupied by Have Company at 136 S. Division. You can read more about Have Company's cross-country move on their blog here.

Starting October 19th, 2016, we will take occupancy of the space, using it as the studio space for Parliament artists Megan Roach, Elyse Welcher, and Jacob Vroon. In the near future, you can also look forward to regular demos, workshops, and events taking place at Parliament's new home. And post-holidays 2016, we'll migrate our boutique, currently housed a few shops down at 125 S. Division.

We as artists and members of the Avenue community are THRILLED to be announcing these changes to you, because we feel this shift will allow us to grow and give back to the arts community here on South Division. We know our friends and customers honor us with their business because of the carefully sourced materials we use and our attention to craft detail, and we want to bring those things into sharper focus in our new space.

As a part of this move, we've decided to take part in October's 5x5 Night, powered by Start Garden and hosted by Grand Valley State University. You can read more about our idea and vote for us here. If selected to present, you can join us at GVSU's Downtown Campus on October 25 and show your support in person. You can find more details about the event itself at the 5x5 website.


Once again, thank you to all of our supporters, followers, family, and friends for supporting us enough to get us this far. We can't wait for the next step in the adventure, and to bring our studio and our knowledge to you in the new space!

Link here to go out and vote; and many many thanks!

-Team Parliament