The D.I.Y. Weekend

Wondering what that “D.I.Y Series” thing is that Parliament is hosting? Well, let us explain!

We have decided to add some do-it-yourself events to our schedule to allow for more community members to get involved with something creative. We understand workshops are not for everyone, and they can be slightly more pricey, and we do not want that to stop you from enjoying the process and getting creative with us.

So, for our D.I.Y. series, we are having three different projects available throughout the weekend of March 17th.

Friday will consist of dyeing your own garments in natural dyes with Megan Roach of Adventure Textiles. You can pay $5 per garment, or $10 for 3 pieces, to naturally dye them in our beautiful dye baths. Saturday will be for creating a pouch necklace with Elyse of Littlewings Designs. These little necklaces are unique and fun to make. If you are interested in jewelry or just one-of-kind items, this D.I.Y project is for you. Sunday we will be offering a D.I.Y. monogrammed key fob, which you will make with Jake of Harbinger Leather.

For more information on this series and the different projects, check out the shop tab. This is a unique event that allows you to get involved with natural dyes and interact with Team Parliament. So, stop by on one of these days during our store hours and get creative with us!