Vend + Teach at Parliament

Interested in hosting a workshop at Parliament or vending your handcrafted goodies in our space?

Well, you now have that opportunity! You can apply to either of these positions under the Vend + Teach tab above.

To apply for either a pop-up shop or hosting a workshop click on the Vend + Teach tab. Under this tab you will find two separate forms, the one on the left is where you apply for hosting a pop-up shop and the one on the right is where to apply to teach a workshop. After you apply, we will get back to you in roughly ten to twelve business days. For further questions, please send us an email!

To register to take our Greenery: Natural Dye Workshop, and future workshops, you can go into the Shop tab above and find the product block with your desired workshop. Right now, we are able to purchase your spot in on our workshop on March 11th. Reserve your spot now, tickets are limited!

If our workshops do not appeal to you, possibly our new DIY Series could be better fitting. This new series will allow you to stop in on the given night and engage in Do-It-Yourself projects with Team Parliament. For the first DIY Project, you can bring in your own garments to dye. To check out pricing on each garment, check out the second block under the Shop tab that is called DIY Series: Dye Your Garment. You must bring your own items and we will provide the rest.

The DIY Series allows everyone to give natural dyes a try, whereas our workshops are more for educating. If you are highly interested in natural dyeing fabrics and garments, this may be the class for you; but if you would prefer an express version of this, you can stop by for the DIY Series. Think of the Workshop as a full class and the DIY Series as a self-guided session!

We have lots of exciting events coming up, so be sure to explore our website more and stop into our space for any questions. We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events!