We're Moving- to 963 Cherry St SE!

You’ve probably already heard this from social media and the general grapevine of Grand Rapids, but given that we’ve got less than a week before we leave our current space, it’s official-official:

We’re moving to 963 Cherry St SE!


We are so dang excited about this move and all that it means for our business!

One, we are beyond thrilled to be joining the East Hills Neighborhood!

Our new space is located at 963 Cherry St SE, in between Under the Vine Wines and the Cherie Inn. Cherry Street in East Hills is a vibrant shopping and dining district that has been a crossroads in our city for the last century, connecting downtown Grand Rapids to Eastown and East GR. It’s home to some really fantastic businesses and restaurants too- the legendary Marie Catribs (RIP, the best vegetarian fare in the world), the 80+ years old Cherie Inn, YT Galleria, the Metal Arts Studio, Brewery Vivant, Marie La Mode, Denym, and the Green Well, just to name a handful!


The neighborhood is perfect, but believe it or not, the space itself is even freaking better! We worked with a wonderful local broker, Joe Rizqallah of Signature Associates, to secure the space, and he was pretty darn rad- he listened to our needs carefully, and through the web of connections that is GR, found us just the right spot!

At approximately 2400 square feet, this spot is going to be a space where our business can grow for years to come. Originally built as a gas station in 1936 after the historic Biltmore Theatre was torn down, it has frontage on both Cherry Street and Lake Drive- we learned from neighbors that there were gas pumps on both sides of the building at one point! It has since been added onto, and given that there are multiple rooms for the space, it was a tough one to rent until we came along. For us, it’s perfect- we have 740 Square Feet of dedicated retail space on the Cherry St side, as we as a large main workspace, an office/kitchen, and a dedicated sewing gallery on the Lake Drive side.

All that said, the space needed a lot of work- there was a fire in it earlier this year due to a maintenance accident, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Old drywall, non-loading bearing walls that cut up the space, and bad industrial carpet that were all damaged in the fire revealed amazing details, which we’ll be sharing in our next blog post! But here, a sneak peak of what’s to come!

the original tile wall and window of the gas station when it was built in 1936, before the front room addition, with handpainted murals from its next iteration as a fish-fry place!

the original tile wall and window of the gas station when it was built in 1936, before the front room addition, with handpainted murals from its next iteration as a fish-fry place!

We can’t wait to see you all at the new shop so soon! Save the following dates to get all the handcrafted your heart can hold:

  • 11/20/18- Soft ReOpening! Start dropping on in and be ahead of the curve!

  • 11/24/18- Small Business Saturday! We’ll have doorprizes for the first 20 shoppers through the door, snacks, and our Keychain Stamping Station up and running!

  • 12/6/18- the Uptown Holiday Shop Hop! It’s the most wonderful time of the year when Uptown pulls out all the stops- and we can’t wait to be part of the biggest shopping party in town! Plus, we’ll have Adventure Textiles popping up with us so you can get your fill of naturally dyed, handwoven awesomeness.

  • 12/8/18- Our GRAND REOPENING PARTY!!! We’re gonna eat, drink, and be so dang merry y’all. It’s time to celebrate this new space and all it’s glory, with handmade holiday cheer.

  • 12/15/18- DIY Drop-In Holiday Craft + Gift Day Come get your holiday craft on with us, elementary school style! Drop-in to create simple leather-goods, gifts, and ornaments that will make perfect gifts for family and friends. Prices range $10-$20 per craft project!

  • 12/22/18- Last Minute Pop-Up Shop w/ Conscious Clothing! If you’ve procrastinated all the way ‘til now and think it’s too late to shop local, think again yo! Come shop ready-to-purchase goods from the extensive Conscious Clothing collection of clothing and accessories, all hand-sewn and hand-dyed right in Rockford MI!


We’re so grateful for all of you, our fans, friends, family, and makers, that have stuck it out with us for the long haul down here on South Division. When we started this experiment that was Parliament and now is Gemini Handmade, we had no idea where it would take us- we just knew we wanted to have shop selling handcrafted ethical goods from makers we love and admire, built a thing, and hoped that the humans would come! And boy, have you ever- we can’t express enough gratitude for everyone that has believed in us and helped us make this handmade adventure a true, lifelong reality!

Stay Tuned for our next blog post about the history and renovations to our awesome new location, and all that we’ve learned about this beautiful neighborhood we’re proud to be calling our new home! Below is a sneak peak- the original building when it was built in 1936!


And in the words of our mother, Barbara Vroon: THE BEST IS ALWAYS YET TO COME!!!