Becoming... Gemini Handmade!

It's official: we're rebranding here at Parliament!

On June 9th, 2018, we will be known as Gemini Handmade!

We're really excited about this shift and all the ways we will be pushing for new growth and direction with this new name.

Why the change?

Well, that requires a little Parliament-ed History...

Originally, Parliament was launched by me, Elyse Marie Welcher, as a storefront and studio for my brand of leathergoods and accessories, Littlewings Designs. I knew I wanted to carry the work of other artists and makers, so a different name was necessary; since my logo is an owl and a flock of owls is called a "Parliament" it seemed like a fitting name for the shop.


But since launching, the scope of the shop, what we do, and why it exists have all evolved dramatically. We went through a season of collective ownership, when my husband and another partner joined the business, and have shifted out of that collective ownership recently to be owned just myself and my husband Jake. We also have shifted our literal location to a new home at 136 S Division Ave, taking up residence in the space we love in February of 2017. We have evolved in what our shop offers and produces- we started out as more of an atelier and boutique, and have evolved far more into a studio and gift shop. Finally, Jake and I are now running the shop side-by-side, with Jake having a far greater role as the production manager of all our wholesale and gift production, while I have evolved into the creative and marketing director of our three brands together. 

The original naming and all of these other shifts have led us to realize it's time for the next chapter. Jake and I have been waiting for the chance to bring the story back to center about our journey as a couple of leather-workers, and with a new name and new scope, we're thrilled to be able to do that!

Why the name Gemini Handmade?

Gemini Handmade is a play on mine and Jake's birth story. We were born 2 days apart in Grand Rapids, MI, at the same hospital, and were in the nursery at the same time. We realized this on our second or third date, and it was pretty obvious to us that we were meant for each other- the very stars had written it to be so! So, in having the chance to rename our space, we wanted to make it about the two of us, and our complimentary roles in the business to one another- and we're both Geminis, so how could we not?

FullSizeRender 44.jpg

We're really excited about what all of this means, and can't wait to celebrate with you, our friends and fans of all these years!

Join us on June 9th, 2018, for the Becoming... Gemini Handmade Rebranding Party from 12-7pm at 136 S Division Ave! We will be reconnecting all the social media handles that morning, unvieling the new website, marking the celebration with cake and ice-cream, and sharing all of our new business-to-business offerings. Plus, we'll be offering a DIY Build Your Own Mug-Wrap bar, where you can pick your colors and custom monogram a mug-wrap for a mason jar! Check out the event on Facebook to RSVP- plus it's our 30th Birthdays, so what better way to celebrate and wish us
well into a new decade for the big 3-O!

Stay tuned here for our next post, where we will share more about our new offerings for wedding, event, and corporate gifts!