Frequently Asked Questions


What are your store hours? 

Gemini Handmade is open:
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am-6pm
Friday + Saturday: 11am-8pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm
Mondays: Closed.

What are your hours of communication?

We strive to return your emails and other inquiries within 72 hours of receiving them. That said, as makers and creatives, we also believe in work-life balance. We typically answer emails Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm EST. If you are emailing in regards to a web order or a wholesale order, we will return your email the following business day.

Are all sales final?

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, all sales are final. If an item is flawed or fundamentally defective, we will repair or refund the item within 7 days of purchase. If an item is the wrong size, it may be exchanged for a different size or returned for store credit, unworn, with the tags, and with any original packaging , within 7 days of purchase.

All returns and exchanges are given via store-credit, and are issued on a Gemini Handmade gift card.

Why the name Gemini Handmade?

Gemini Handmade is a riff on the birth story of the owners of the shop, Jake and Elyse, who were born two days apart, in the same hospital in the same city, under the season of Gemini.

What do you mean when "Gemini Handmade goes on Tour?"

There are several big seasons of craft markets, pop-up shops, and festivals throughout the calendar year. Gemini Handmade and its owners frequently attend these shows, often for several weekends in a row, during these busy seasons, and we refer to these series of shows and events as "tours" much like a performer or musician. 

I'm an independent maker, and think my work would be a good fit at Gemini Handmade. Do you accept submissions of work?

We’re always interested in hearing from new makers! If you think your work would be a good fit at Gemini Handmade and is handcrafted in a small batch artisan manner, then let us know. Please apply here on our website, using the bottom of the three forms on the page “Vend + Teach”.

I want to discuss my work, an event, or a collaboration with someone from the Gemini Handmade Team. How do I get in touch?

Please email and we will happily set up an appointment to meet with you. Given that we are artisans ourselves, we aren't always at the shop, so we can't guarantee one of our artisan experts will be on site at all times. Want to work with either Elyse or Jake specifically? We're glad to schedule individual appointments during boutique or studio hours- just drop us a note!

I would like to be fit for bespoke leather goods from one of the Gemini Handmade designers. How should I proceed?

Head over to our “Custom + Wholesale” page, and fill out our contact form! We would be delighted to make an appointment that suits your needs with the desired artisan. 

I am interested in matching products for a wedding or other event. How do I make that happen?

We'd love to be a part of your big day or your special event. Given enough lead time, we would be honored to create matching shoes, dyed goods, and other personal and gift accoutrements for your day. Please inquire on our “Custom + Wholesale” page using our form, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Do you offer personalization and monogramming on your leather goods?

Why yes, we do! Please let us know via email what type of monogramming or lettering you would like, and we'd be happy to make it happen. We also offer custom laser-engraving services for business logos, family crests, and wedding parties- please contact us using the form on our “Custom + Wholesale” page to get in touch and we’ll make it happen!

I'm interested in custom leather work for ______. How much will that cost?

How much does a car cost? Are you shopping for a corvette or a mini van? See how this could be tricky? Given the variances of leather and fiber goods, and the potential projects, it is almost impossible for us to quote an accurate price out of thin air, so we simply don't. Fill out our inquiry form here on our “Custom + Wholesale” page to set up an appointment to discuss your idea, or email us the pertinent details of your project including product, size, desired materials, and any other needs. We will let you know from there if we are able to accommodate your project and start a quote.

Do you take on custom work?

Gemini Handmade does take on custom work on a case-by-case basis. You may start the process via the form here on the “Custom + Wholesale” page of our website, or by visiting the shop in person. If you visit the store in person, you will be asked to fill out a custom inquiry form with your basic contact information and details about the specifics of your project. Be advised that we are unable to accept all custom work inquires, and some projects simply may not be suitable for our studio. Please note that each of our team members has unique specialities, and that custom work is assigned to the Gemini Handmade artisan who is best suited for your project.

Do you repair/alter leather bags, shoes, or garments?

No. At this point in time, we do not take on repairs or alterations of shoes, garments, or bags.
Occasionally, we can make replacement straps for a bag, should we have a suitable leather match. Please fill out our inquiry form here on our “Custom + Wholesale” page for additional details and to set up an appointment. 

Do you make everything in the shop?

No, we don't. The leather and canvas goods in the shop are crafted by the Gemini Handmade team, but everything else is created by other makers. We strive to be a platform and crossroads for our makers and our clients, and curate work we love of the highest craft standards.

Do you do corporate gifts or other business to business work?

We certainly do! We are happy to create gifts and products tailored to your business and/or event needs, and are capable of large batch orders as well. Please Fill out our inquiry form here on our “Custom + Wholesale” page on our website, and we’ll get back to you asap!