Gemini Handmade is the home of Jacob + Elyse Vroon, a pair of leather-workers who fell from the stars at the same time.

Gemini Handmade started as a shop and studio space called Parliament the Boutique for Elyse and her brand Littlewings Designs in 2013. However, soon after opening the shop, Jacob, owner of Harbinger Leather Design, quickly became involved with the space, and soon was a part owner. Jake and Elyse married in the summer of 2015. After many years of growth, a season of collective ownership, and two moves, Jake and Elyse are now happy to bring their shop + leathercraft studio into the next chapter as Gemini Handmade.

The name Gemini Handmade is a play on Jake and Elyse's birth story. They were born two days apart in the same hospital, in the month of June and Gemini. After launching their own businesses and meeting as friendly competitors, they now own Gemini Handmade together, and are happily pursuing the handcrafted adventure for life.